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Learning Objects

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Title Description Contributor Affiliation Created File

Digital Libraries

Serves as an introduction and overview to the research, development, application and practice of digital libraries. Topics to be covered include foundations and architectures of digital libraries, technologies of digital libraries, management and organization of digital resources, knowledge representations and discovery, metadata and standards, intellectual property rights, etc.

Dr. Xia Lin

Drexel University

Summer 2011


Information Access in an Electronic Environment

Explores electronic search tools, search strategies, value-added enhancements to search outputs, and issues in access in electronic environments, including the online reference interview. Assignments include question analysis and search strategy development, IPL question answering, developing an online tutorial, and investigating an issue or trend in electronic information access.

Dr. Soojung Kim

University of Maryland

Fall 2009


IPL Workshop Course Syllabus

The "Workshop Class" is an example of an advanced level class in which students can participate in more complex types of reference service administration and digital library collections work within the IPL.

Fall 2007: Dr. Lorri Mon
The syllabus is from a Florida State University Workshop class in Fall 2007 taught by Dr. Lorri Mon. This class had the basic reference class with the IPL question-answering assignment as a pre-requisite, so that students were already generally familiar with the Internet Public Library and IPL reference in QRC.

Spring 2008: Dr. Soo Young Rieh
The syllabus is from a University of Michigan Workshop class in Spring 2008 taught by Dr. Soo Young Rieh. The class had reference administration or collection development duties, in addition to an innovation proposal, an environmental scan, and a competitor analysis.

Fall 2008: Dr. Lorri Mon
The syllabus is from a Florida State University Workshop class in Fall 2008 taught by Dr. Lorri Mon. This class had reference collection building for the IPL, the Learning Community, and Second Life, as well as reference service provision in Second Life.

Dr. Lorri Mon

Dr. Soo Young Rieh

Florida State University

University of Michigan

Fall 2007

Spring 2008

Fall 2008


Fall '07 (.doc)

Spring '08 (.doc)

Fall '08 (.doc)